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Although it has been generally accepted that the art and practice of Tai Chi can bring a wide range of benefits for acquiring and maintaining one’s personal health, both those interested, and many beginners are reluctant to give Tai Chi an opportunity to demonstrate its many beauties. Seasoned Tai Chi players will tell you that it’s the actual practice itself and not some perceived end result that is the most important precept.

To practice means that you have to do something over and over again to become better at it. When you were a baby, you didn’t just get off the floor onto your feet one day to walk across the room to get a toy. You most likely fell, got up, and tried again and again, maybe you threw few tantrums, but eventually after many unsuccessful attempts you succeeded and waddled shakily across the room and got that toy. You were probably overjoyed and that was it.


You gained a giddy confidence and from that moment you walked, then ran, learned to ride a bike, engaged in favorite sports, learned to drive, all sorts of skills because you practiced. Inherent in any form of practice is failure, usually many failures, but did they stop you? If you assess your successes, you could conclude that you learned from your failures so in retrospect they were actually assets. Learning Tai Chi is very much like this, a process beautifully packed with experiences that, with practice, can lead to enhancement of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The point is that Tai Chi will challenge you and that is perfectly okay to make mistakes.